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Pre-Departure Video

In about two more weeks, it’ll be “Good morning, Japan!” instead of “Good morning, America!”

Hey guys, welcome back to my Youtube channel!

— Almost every Youtuber ever.

Sadly (or maybe perhaps luckily?), it’s not a cringe-worthy Youtube video. Instead, this is a pre-departure video before I head to Japan!

I’m super excited about going abroad, but there’s so much to do before I actually set foot in my country of study. That said, I want to kick off this blog and start on the right foot, and this video will help me do exactly that.

This video will introduce who I am and where I am going in detail.

For those who need it, here’s the entire transcript for the video (because I do realize I’m talking super fast).

Hi, I’m Christine, and this is my pre-departure video for the FEA scholarship!

A little bit about me… I am a student from San Jose State University, located in San Jose, California. I’m majoring in business and minoring in computer science. Hopefully, after college, I’ll be working in the tech industry.

Growing up in the heart of Silicon Valley, I’ve always been influenced by technology because I’ve always been playing games and I’ve always been interested in tech. That’s why I want to be part of the process that help impact people’s lives through technology.

That said, for the academic year of 2019-2020, I’ll be studying abroad in Tokyo, Japan at Waseda University. There, I’ll be taking some international business courses, as well as courses in Japanese culture (so that I can learn more about the country that I am in).

I chose Japan specifically because they are one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. Their AI development is growing super fast and their gaming industry is huge.

I’ve always aspired to work for a Japanese gaming industry because I’ve grown up playing games like Harvest Moon and Rune Factory, all produced by Natsume.

With my study abroad at Waseda, I am going to squeeze my way into the gaming industry through internships and/or learning opportunities that the school provides. This in turn could help me get more experience that I really need to get myself more involved in that industry.

I’m leaving soon, approximately in two weeks, and I’m looking forward to being so far away from home. I’ll be blogging everything that I experience or that I’ll be running into, so I’m really excited for that.

Thank you so much to the FEA scholarship donors, and please look forward to my year abroad and my adventures in Japan.



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