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Illuminations in Yokohama

As Christmas time approaches in Japan, numerous of illumination events arise. The number of illuminations in the city are no joke – they go all out for Christmas. Illuminations in Roppongi and Shibuya are amazing, but today, I’ll be showing you the illuminations in Yokohama. (It’s a picture-focused post!)

This winter break, I went to Yokohama, a city located about an hour away from Tokyo. I left for Yokohama on December 26th with a friend, eager to see their illuminations. It wasn’t as crowded as I expected, which was very nice. The lack of crowds reminded me that Christmas in Japan is more focused on couples and not on family. Everywhere I went, there were couples.

That said, the illuminations in Yokohama were absolutely stunning. With not as many people around, I was able to appreciate the lights without any obstacles. Below are some photos from my Yokohama illumination trip.

Most of the illuminations were on video (and I can’t upload them), so here are some other photos of Yokohama to make up for it!

Yokohama is a beautiful city, and I’d love to come back another time to explore what it has to offer!


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