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First Week of Quarantine

I have been going through self-quarantine for about a week now. In contrast to Tokyo, it feels timeless here. I don’t have to wake up and worry about all my responsibilities here – all I have to worry about is making sure I’m virus-free.

Even so, I miss being in Tokyo. I miss being in my tiny apartment. I miss the transportation systems and the convenient stores. I miss some of the responsibilities that I had to take on because I was abroad.

It’s weird.

You never really expect to miss what you didn’t like back when you were actually doing it.

So far in quarantine, all I have been doing is goofing around with my two friends and eating. Because they were on the same plane as me, we’re all in quarantine together at their parents’ house. One of my friend’s parents was kind enough to let us use the house for 2 weeks, so here we are.

We made breakfast together, played games together, and basically did everything together.

It is bittersweet because we know at the end of these 2 weeks, it’ll be super hard to see each other again.

Aside from all this, there is not much to report. I’m still upset about having to go home, but there’s not much I can do about it except plan for the future.

To end this post, here are some pictures of the food we ate and some of the silly things that we were up to this past week:

Breakfast on Day 1
Breakfast on Day 2
Pancakes at 5am

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