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Spicy Ramen Noodle Quesadilla

I don’t normally cook, yet I always watch those quick Instagram and Facebook videos about cooking. I’ve seen recipes combining two different cultures and have always wanted to try it, but ended up forgetting about it because of something else that pops up in my life.

However, now that there’s nothing to do because of the coronavirus lockdown, I’ve decided to make a dish that I have been wanting to make for the longest time now: spicy noodle quesadilla.

This recipe actually came from my friend, who was scrolling through Instagram one late night (more like one early morning – it was like 4am). He sent the video in the group chat and told us when we had the chance, we should all make it.

It looked simple enough. All you needed was tortillas, beef, green pepper, onion, cheese, and a spicy ramen packet. I gathered all the ingredients easily enough – they were all still in stock at the supermarket – and began my cooking adventure.

First, I chopped the green pepper and then the onion into eatable sizes. I then cut the meat and marinated it in chicken stock powder. After that, I threw the green pepper, onion, and beef onto the pan and let it cook. On the side, I boiled water for the ramen. While I was moving back and forth between those two things, I also cleaned up my area and did the dishes. My mom always nagged me about keeping my cooking area clean, so besides letting the food burn, that was my other priority.

After those two things were done, I wiped the bigger pan clean and threw on the quesadilla. As soon as it was warm, I put the cheese on and then the vegetables. I layered over another tortilla for more cheese and the spicy ramen and finished it with the final tortilla to complete to quesadilla.

Here was the final result:

With a bit of tabasco sauce, it tasted great. For anyone who is interested in making this themselves, this is the recipe:

With that, I’ll bring this blog post to an end, as that is the most interesting thing that happened to me this week during lockdown.


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