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Chai Milk Tea

Chai milk tea – it is god sent.

Some times, I stay up until 3am or 4am, worrying about the future.

How will the economy be once this pandemic is over? How will I be able to find a job when I will be competing with so many others who most likely have more experience and knowledge in the field than I do?

The stress builds with each passing day. My dad is itching to retire (as he is the only one working in my family of four) because of his aching body (he works in construction and is almost 60). My family looks up to me to help carry them when I am fresh out of college. This is what keeps me awake at night and what makes my fingers itch to find things to do while being holed up in my house during lockdown. There are times where I lay in the dark, seemingly for hours because my brain refuses to shut down for the night. When things get that tough, I often find myself turning to chai milk tea.

I hadn’t had it much before, but after getting back to America after my half year abroad, I found myself almost addicted to it.

What I do is I heat up milk and take out one package of chai tea. I use this brand in particular, but any other brand would do:

I heat the milk up for one minute in the microwave and dunk the tea bag in for a few minutes. I usually don’t like it too strong and spicy, so I only leave it in for two or three minutes. After that, I put in about half a tablespoon of honey and stir. When it’s sweet enough, I add a pinch of cinnamon and the chai milk tea is ready to go.

It’s absolutely heavenly. It’s like the warm (and maybe an even better version?) of the milk you get after you’ve had a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

After a cup of that, sleep comes to me in no time. It beats melatonin gummies any day, but of course, the stress of the future is still there.

Hopefully, with more positive news about the coronavirus lockdown, my levels of stress will go down, but from the looks of it, the light at the end of the tunnel is still very far off. People should stay in their homes and follow government protocol (specifically looking at the people who are going out to protest the lockdown (and virus, which literally makes no sense)) so this can all soon be over.

Stay safe everyone!


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