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Recent Mass Gathering

Note: This blog post is purely a rant.

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Just today, I have heard news in my friend’s county about people gathering in a group larger than 100 for Mother’s Day. Not only did I hear that, but I also heard that in that mass gathering, a man was tested positive for coronavirus.

First of all, why and who in their right minds would gather in such large groups like that when the COVID-19 danger and panic is still high? I get that it’s Mother’s Day, but really people? Is it really that hard to stay indoors and celebrate it amongst yourselves? Why must you gather in a group that large?

Secondly, tests for the coronavirus takes time. That means that the man that attended the large gathering had suspicions that he had the virus, but attended anyway. Why? Why would you risk putting others at risk like that? I have no words.

Lastly, why are the police and government not doing more about things like this? I know that some counties are able to lift lockdown orders because of low coronavirus cases, but if things continue like this, we’re bound to hit a second wave.

People can be so unbelievable. Stay at home and stay safe!


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