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Things I Regret Not Doing While I Was Abroad

Sometimes I think about how it would be if there was no global pandemic. I would still be in Japan. I would still be waking up in the lovely apartment I had in Japan. I would still be able to make midnight trips to 7/11 for an onigiri or sandwich. Honestly speaking, it would beContinue reading “Things I Regret Not Doing While I Was Abroad”

Nature’s Thriving With or Without Us

Spring is obviously here, and do you know how I know? Well, it’s because my allergies are kicking in and they’re kicking in hard. My throat has been itchy, my eyes have been watering, and my nose has been running. My allergies are working 27/4. If I don’t take my allergy medicine at the startContinue reading “Nature’s Thriving With or Without Us”

Spicy Ramen Noodle Quesadilla

I don’t normally cook, yet I always watch those quick Instagram and Facebook videos about cooking. I’ve seen recipes combining two different cultures and have always wanted to try it, but ended up forgetting about it because of something else that pops up in my life. However, now that there’s nothing to do because ofContinue reading “Spicy Ramen Noodle Quesadilla”

The main thing we should have been warned about…

Reverse culture shock is always mentioned when it comes to going back home after traveling abroad for a long time. I’ve been warned about it from countless of people, but I only experienced it once when I was ordering food and the cashier was super (emphasis on SUPER) nice and friendly. It’s not like JapaneseContinue reading “The main thing we should have been warned about…”